Pango Financial™ believes in client education as part of your DreamSpark™ plan setup and maintenance. That is why we provide you with helpful frequently asked questions, a terms glossary and an intuitive client experience to easily setup your DreamSpark™ plan.

One of the more intimidating parts of setting up a retirement plan of any kind is selecting the right plan design for you and your employees. The DreamSpark™ plan is a defined contribution plan and is customized for your business. Profit Sharing and 401(k) options are available based on your goals and objectives related to the retirement benefits you desire.

Pango Financial™ will help you through the plan design process. We believe that as the business owner it is important for you to understand the differences in plan design, Profit Sharing compared to 401(k). It is also important for you to understand some of the plan design terms or options. Here is a helpful article to give you a better way of “decoding” the options available when you have selected a 401(k) plan design.

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