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Currently, there are 3 million veteran-owned businesses already established in the United States, a number that is expected to grow as more and more veterans retire from their military service. Statistics show that when those veterans return to the work force they often face challenges adjusting to civilian life, one major reason the self-owned business option is tempting veterans. Not only does business ownership provide those veterans the opportunity to structure their own work-life balance, something many attest is a difficult adjustment in the general job market, it also allows them the opportunity to utilize their skills and discipline learned in the military to their advantage. But, there’s one problem for some of these military veterans. Starting a business is expensive, and many veterans exit the military with little to no capital and very little credit to leverage. coins-912717_960_720Realistically, starting a business can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000, and sometimes beyond. And, that’s just for the initial investment. That doesn’t take into account equipment costs, legal fees or other startup costs. During Candice’s presentation, she detailed a handful of funding options featured in Pango Financial’s comprehensive product line, specifically highlighting the advantages veterans have in using the company’s DreamSpark plan. In addition to receiving Pango’s setup and maintenance at one of the lowest prices in the industry, veterans also receive an additional discount off our set up fees, making it a very attractive option. Clients also choose DreamSpark because of its convenience and processing time. On average, Pango Financial can complete the DreamSpark plan in two weeks in most states and by offering our unique, easy-to-use online experience, our clients see a quick turnaround. Plus our DreamSpark specialists can assist in creating customized retirement plans for the needs of all business types. So whether you’re a veteran looking to launch a startup company or invest in an established franchise system, Pango Financial has the tools and expertise to help you get started.]]>