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At Pango Financial, we take pride in our entrepreneurs and their accomplishments. The Powered By Pango series highlights our successful entrepreneurs and their stories.

Arnetra Shettleworth is a successful hospitality staffing professional and Patrice & Associates franchise owner who was recently recognized by the CEO of the company as a Rising Star. Arnetra funded her franchise with Pango Financial and her success so far earned her a spot among only three Rising Star franchisees within the Patrice & Associates nationwide network.

Arnetra earned both a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA and built a successful management career before pursuing entrepreneurship and franchise ownership. As a Patrice & Associates franchisee, Arnetra’s office recruits and places hospitality and restaurant industry professionals and leaders throughout Georgia. At its annual convention in late October, the company celebrated its most promising branches and franchisees. Of her Rising Star Award, Arnetra said, “It was unexpected and I was honored to receive it.”

Pango Financial congratulates Arnetra on her success so far and is proud to count her among our Powered By Pango success stories. Read more about funding through Pango.