5 tips to make your new business marketing plan work

hand placing colorful sticky notes on wall with reminders

Many small business owners start off making decisions, even consequential ones, while multitasking on the fly. In the early going, you might be doing more doing than planning: developing your product or service, raising capital, and other concrete first steps. That’s understandable; those issues are all critical. Eventually though you’ll need to shift some of…

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Tips for using freelance talent

cartoon image of the back of a guy at a desk with a computer

Freelancing has expanded rapidly throughout the economy, especially during the 2020 downturn related to the pandemic. And from all indications, it’s poised to keep growing; even as the economy rebuilds, there’s a trend away from full-time employment. In some sectors, like ride sharing, workers who freelance function largely on a plug-and-play basis. But for many…

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