Insights for long-term entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurial thinking has been around since the development of money. And it has grown exponentially since the pandemic forced people to re-think and adapt their own prospects. That leaves the small business community with an outsized contingent of new business owners. While many of those new companies are owned by seasoned business professionals, many are…

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Public speaking skills

man speaking in front of an audience in a theater

If you’re like a lot of people, you’d sooner endure a root canal than speak to an audience. That’s understandable—and common; the aversion to public speaking even has a clinical name: Glossophobia. As a small business owner, you can avoid performing this particular job requirement (and for many, it is a requirement) for only so…

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5 tips to make your new business marketing plan work

hand placing colorful sticky notes on wall with reminders

Many small business owners start off making decisions, even consequential ones, while multitasking on the fly. In the early going, you might be doing more doing than planning: developing your product or service, raising capital, and other concrete first steps. That’s understandable; those issues are all critical. Eventually though you’ll need to shift some of…

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Tips for using freelance talent

cartoon image of the back of a guy at a desk with a computer

Freelancing has expanded rapidly throughout the economy, especially during the 2020 downturn related to the pandemic. And from all indications, it’s poised to keep growing; even as the economy rebuilds, there’s a trend away from full-time employment. In some sectors, like ride sharing, workers who freelance function largely on a plug-and-play basis. But for many…

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Attributes of standout entrepreneurs

chalk written out asking who's your audience with chalk

Outwardly, you have all the elements in place to launch a successful startup: the capital, the product, the team, the location and the market. But what about inwardly? Do you have what it takes to alchemize all those elements into a business to be reckoned with? For many small business owners, the secret sauce is…

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Tips for post-pandemic reopening

white open sign on window

Few small business owners have ever experienced a summer like the one just ended, with its lockdowns, phased reopenings, re-closings and associated uncertainty. But one thing is certain: When you get an all-clear signal (and if you haven’t yet, you will), you can’t just crank the engine and re-start the business as if nothing happened.…

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Keep tabs on these 5 performance metrics

two women putting up an "opening soon" sign

It’s an exciting time to start a new business. Many of the basics of our economy are in a state of flux, creating potential opportunities that didn’t exist even a year ago. It’s also an intimidating time if you’re just getting started. As you ramp up your new venture, you’ll be spread thin at first;…

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Encouraging PPP results

wooden blocks spelling out "ppp loans"

The federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) ended on August 8, marking a milestone in the nation’s small business sector. As we step back to assess results, we’ve learned a lot. We’re proud of our client businesses, who stepped up under extraordinary and difficult circumstances to secure available resources to weather the ongoing crisis. All…

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Leveraging public relations to get noticed

girl jumping up to the side yelling into a megaphone

One of the most consistent fundamentals of marketing is to get noticed. That maxim holds for small businesses, both B2B and B2C—even during a pandemic that’s upending the norms and guardrails that define marketing and sales. Getting noticed is how you separate yourself from competitors. It’s how you give prospects a reason to look more…

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Post-pandemic hiring tips for small businesses

woman in work setting holding binder and wearing a mask

Lockdowns. Social distancing. Fever checks. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). At some point, the pandemic of 2020 will move on; in some locations it already has eased. As the economy recovers, small business owners will begin addressing how, when, and in what form to re-start. Maybe you’ve already started down that road.…

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