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How conscientious are you?

Of all the values entrepreneurs like to project, conscientiousness might not top everyone’s list. Sure it’s a nice trait to have, but maybe you’d rather be known for your laser-like focus, your never-ending enthusiasm, your can-do spirit or creative problem-solving skills. There’s nothing wrong with those descriptors. But to be perceived as conscientious is to…

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Learn to delegate effectively

As a small business owner, you can’t do it all yourself. There are times when you need to delegate to someone who has more knowledge about a complex task or process, or someone who has more bandwidth to get the job done. But assigning separate tasks—or bundles of them—can impede your progress if you do…

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Assessing your profitability

If you were starting an accounting or finance business, you could assess your company’s profitability on your own. But others might need a little help. Most entrepreneurs have significantly more practical knowledge about their own field than about number-crunching. That’s not usually a problem: you can retain subject matter experts to advise you on mission-critical…

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How should you structure your business?

It’s the same question faced by all entrepreneurs when they first start out: How should the business be structured? And if you’re thinking about forming a business entity, it’s one of the first decisions you’ll face too.At the state and federal levels, businesses are subject to regulations that affect how they are formed, how they…

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