How the DreamSpark 401k Rollover Plan Works

Use the DreamSpark® plan to invest in your business

  • Old IRA/401(k)

    Funds are rolled from existing retirement account such as an IRA/401(k) to new DreamSpark® retirement plan

  • DreamSpark® Plan

    DreamSpark® Plan purchases shares in your newly formed corporation

  • Your Business or Franchise

    C corporation begins business/franchise operation using your investment as working capital

How the DreamSpark® 401k rollover plan works in 4 easy steps!

Use your existing retirement account as small business startup funding—without debt, loan interest, taxes, or penalties while still planning for retirement! On average, Pango Financial® can complete your DreamSpark® 401k rollover plan in 2 to 3 weeks. The plan creation and funding takes just minutes of your time at different points throughout the process. Pango Financial makes 401k rollover funding easy and will notify you when information requires your review or signature.

Save time and money with complimentary registered agent services for the first 12 months when you engage Pango Financial for the DreamSpark plan. Incorporate more quickly and take advantage of services that include:

  • Filing for your Employer Tax and Retirement Plan ID numbers with the IRS.
  • Samples of company bylaws and corporate minutes.

* A Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership or S Corporation (S Corp) would not meet the statutory requirements necessary to operate this structure.

Pango Financial® will create a custom retirement plan, 401(k) or profit sharing, to suit your company’s needs. With the DreamSpark®plan, you and your employees will have the ability to invest in your corporation. All participants will also be able to benefit from the traditional retirement savings benefits offered by your DreamSpark® plan.

Once you approve your new DreamSpark® plan, Pango Financial will:

  • Help you move your retirement funds from your previous employer or IRA into your new DreamSpark® plan. Select the investment company of your choice to hold your retirement funds. Your preferred financial institution or investment advisor can manage any publicly traded investments offered under the plan.  Your business will manage your DreamSpark® plan’s investment.
  • Provide documentation of your rollover and investment and Pango will obtain a certified third party valuation for your new business to document your stock value.
  • Send stock certificates.
  • Provide you with a corporate book to document your C corporation and DreamSpark® plan establishment.
Now that you’ve learned how the DreamSpark 401k rollover plan works, your corporation is officially funded and you’re ready to purchase your new franchise or business. Pango Financial® works with you to keep you on track through our ongoing plan maintenance.

For more information on how the DreamSpark 401k rollover plan works, get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to help get you set up for the future!

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