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Get Started: Your DreamSpark® Compatibility

The DreamSpark® plan makes it easy to capitalize your business by investing retirement funds—while they remain tax-deferred and penalty-free. The DreamSpark® plan is also a tool to continue building wealth and saving for retirement for you and your employees. This remarkable funding solution helps entrepreneurs like you take control of your financial success and invest in your business. With the DreamSpark® plan you can:

  • invest as little or as much as you like
  • save thousands in interest fees
  • protect your personal credit
  • maintain a strong employee benefit
  • start or recapitalization your business with minimal (if any) debt
  • position yourself for faster success!

To determine if the DreamSpark® plan is a good fit for your business, we have created a simple, informative interactive tool. Just create an account, then login to our unique Compatibility Checker to see if the DreamSpark® plan is right for you. It’s confidential, secure and completely free. Your business can be up and running in 3 weeks or less in most states and you’ll continue saving for retirement. We are excited to make your dream of business ownership a reality and give you small business funding tools to continue building wealth.

Look at everything DreamSpark® has to offer...

  • Lowest price in the industry

    just $3,995. Act now to save up to 20% below the competition!

  • Incorporation setup

  • Certified business valuation for new businesses

  • Low monthly maintenance plan

  • Customized retirement plan

  • 24/7 online account management