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Want to grow your company or start a business but need capital? Unlock your retirement savings, and give your business a boost!

Roll over your 401(k) plan into a DreamSpark® plan from Pango Financial with no penalty withdrawal fees and no interest payment on a new small business loan.

Unlike other funding methods, your credit score, past experience, or on-hand collateral isn’t used to determine your eligibility. Instead, the key considerations are the type of retirement account (401(k) or IRA) and the amount you have in it (a minimum of $25,000).

A Rollover for Business Start-Ups (ROBS) account requires:

  • $25,000 in a 401(k) or other eligible retirement plan
  • A C Corp or willingness to convert your business into a C Corp.
  • Funds from your retirement account, which is used to purchase stock in your company

Reinvest in your business with DreamSpark® plan

  • icon-dollar

    Existing IRA/401(k)

    Funds are rolled from a retirement
    account to a new DreamSpark plan

  • icon-funnel

    DreamSpark® Plan

    DreamSpark plan purchases shares
    in your newly-formed corporation

  • icon-business

    Your Business or Franchise

    C Corporation begins operation using 
    your investment as working capital

Why use Pango Financial's DreamSpark® plan to finance your small business or franchise? You’ll get benefits unlike other types of financing.

Debt-free investment—with no loan interest to pay, make money faster

Tax-deferred savings to continue building wealth

Build cash flow—and equity—fast

Easy qualification—credit score does not determine eligibility


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