No compromises.

Apply for the DreamSpark® plan today.

Keep more of your hard-earned money by investing in your own business while creating rollover business startup 401k benefit plans for you and your employees. Pango Financial® provides small business funding with best-in-class support and cutting-edge services––at the lowest price in the industry!

You’re in control—invest in your business and shorten the time to reach profitability

  • Ease of incorporation—complimentary incorporation with expedite service and free registered agent services for the first fiscal year
  • Pay yourself a salary from the start
  • Debt-free investment—lower overhead
  • Business ready—typically in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Follow application progress online
  • 24/7 secure online account access
  • Tax-deferred savings to continue building wealth
  • Leverage additional funding—the DreamSpark® plan can be paired with conventional funding for your business like a SBA loan as the cash down or collateral for larger investments
  • Your credit score is not used to determine your eligibility for the DreamSpark® rollover business startup 401k plan
  • Gain cash flow—build equity fast
  • DreamSpark® Money Back Guarantee

The DreamSpark® plan investment advantage

  • Whether you’re looking to invest in a franchise or for small business funding benefits, the DreamSpark® plan saves you thousands of dollars by providing the most affordable setup fee and eliminating income tax or penalty on eligible retirement funds invested in your business.
  • The DreamSpark® plan saves you up to $1,000 when your business could use that extra money the most.
  • Enjoy up to 20% savings over any competitor’s standard price without compromising expertise, compliance or customization of your retirement plan.  We invite you to comparison shop to confirm that Pango Financial provides you the highest value at the lowest cost.
  • Compliance is key to long-term tax-deferred and penalty-free treatment of your DreamSpark® plan’s investment in your business. You can have confidence that the DreamSpark® rollover business startup 401k benefit plan ensures you know the details about the legal and financial aspects too, so you can focus on the success of your business!

Look at everything DreamSpark® has to offer...

  • Lowest price in the industry

    just $3,995. Act now to save up to 20% below the competition!

  • Incorporation setup

  • Certified business valuation for new businesses

  • Low monthly maintenance plan

  • Customized retirement plan

  • 24/7 online account management