Small Business and Startup Funding Service

Starting a business from scratch is never easy—you carry a heavy burden of risk, no matter how good of an idea you think you have for a new company. With proper planning and gathering of resources, success is always possible. To get off your feet, many new ventures look for small business and startup funding services to help.

Some popular alternative strategies for financing your business include:

  • Angel Financing: These investors are people who look for quality and passion in the companies they are investing in. The only major downside to this option is the request for equity ownership in your company in exchange for financial help.
  • Crowdfunding: The use of gathering multiple investors, both large and small, to give capital to your company. There are many crowdfunding sites available. Some downsides to this option are the typical expectation of a return (in some form) for their financial support.
  • Venture Capital: Typically very difficult to obtain, venture capitalists typically pursue large undertakings with a possibility for very high returns. Because of these larger risks, venture capitalists want some sort of assurance that the investment won’t be in vain. As such, they take growth potential, signs of adoption within the marketplace, and even working prototypes into consideration. Once again, a major drawback for this option is possible equity funding or an expectation of very high returns.

How Our Small Business and Startup Funding Services are Different

As seen above, many startup and small business funding options are looking for some sort of return, whether it be through a certain percent equity stake in your business or through debt financing and expecting money in the future. At Pango Financial, we look for the most innovative ways to save you money in the long run while still providing the capital necessary to help your company grow.

As long as your business offers a product or service, the DreamSpark from Pango Financial can be used to invest in your company. These options include people looking for franchise opportunities, existing businesses, and startup opportunities.

For more information on our small business and startup funding services, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help set up your future.