Become a Pango Franchise Broker Partner to Secure Better Business Funding

Funding Business Sign

Increased Loan Closure With our innovative DreamSpark plan, our franchise broker partners can connect their clients to an equity-based funding system that allows them to roll their retirement investments into a source of business funding. This, along with our deep knowledge of Small Business Association loans and other sources of funding contribute to a high rate of loan closure.  

Referral Income

By becoming a Pango Financial franchise broker partner, you’ll have the opportunity to earn extra income through our referral benefit. Or, you can choose to offer a discount on our services to your clients. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.  

Lead Generation

One beautiful part of our relationship with franchise broker partners is that it flows both ways. We’ll welcome your clients and help them set up the best business funding for them. Likewise, when our business funding clients indicate they need additional franchise establishment services, we will direct them to our franchise broker partners.  

Ease of use

Our online tools include everything our franchise broker partners need to generate interest, educate your prospects and seal the deal. Plus, we help them streamline efforts with tools that allow franchise broker partners to register referrals and change your email and password online. We’ll handle the required services and the details necessary to complete the business funding transaction. You can have faith in a service that has your client’s best interests in mind––we succeed when you succeed! Give your clients a retirement investment business funding option that is much easier to get than a bank loan, does not involve any debt, interest payments, and tax or penalty. Contact us to learn more about this unique business funding opportunity.]]>