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The Pango Point of View aims to bring you thoughtful, balanced, and insightful commentary about issues affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Along with our blog series, we post quick hits branded with #PangoPOV from our Twitter handle, @pangofinancial. With so much happening in the news and current events, this Pango POV takes a lighter note – with a movie review. “The Boss Baby” is not only an adorable movie about sibling rivalry and the way a new baby impacts a family. It also offers great real life lessons for business. Business advice can be universal, whether from a corporate workshop to a charming kids comedy. Here are some of Pango’s favorite lessons learned from “The Boss Baby” that can be applied by any business owner for success: 1.) Know your competition and stay on the cutting edge of innovation. In “The Boss Baby,” Puppies were taking over the cuteness and love barometer and adults were picking Puppies over Babies. Babies needed to regain their appeal to ensure their continued demand. 2.) Protect your greatest asset and know your goal. In “The Boss Baby,” the greatest asset was being loved by a family. The Babies could not let Puppies take over the market. They had to protect their secret formula from being misused to make the cutest puppy of all time. 3.) Your team must unite to achieve the goal of your business. Remember, success is only achieved with a team approach. Each baby brought their own unique talents and strengths enabling the babies to regain the love and attention of families. 4.) “Cookies are for closers.” Reward great behavior and incentivize your team to achieve. 5.) Emulate other great leaders to achieve your goal. The main character strove to be one of the most admired leaders. He studied all prior leaders and knew what qualities made them a great success. He emulated these leadership skills to be the best Boss Baby he could be. 6.) Corporate success without family is empty. The Boss Baby was rewarded for defeating Puppy Co. by receiving a wonderful corner office and honored by all the babies. However, he found this empty without the love of his parents and brother. Work/life balance is key.]]>