What Are the Most Popular Franchised Industries?

Partnering with a franchisor is a powerful way to establish and grow your business. The venture benefits both parties—you, as the franchisee, get to sell valuable products and services while the franchisor expands their own brand. However, it’s important to consider what industry you work in and what the most popular franchised industries are. Let’s look at the most franchise-friendly fields out there.


If you’re an aspiring retailer, partnering with an existing brand can give you a strong start whether you want to sell clothing, home goods, or personal care products. There are more than a million retail stores in the US, and yours can flourish with a name that’s already established a reputation. This option ensures a built-in customer base from the moment you open your doors.


Have you always wanted to own a restaurant but are intimidated by the prospect of starting from the ground up? Plenty of restaurants are always expanding their franchises, especially fast-food eateries. The franchise has already done the hard work of building its brand and establishing a supply chain. Use your new business start-up funding to start off on the right foot.

Cleaning Services

Between full-time jobs and family obligations, many homeowners simply don’t have the time to do a deep clean every week. Many franchisors offer skilled work in essential areas, from maid services to carpet cleaning. If your area doesn’t have many dedicated cleaning businesses, bring one in by opening a franchise.


For many Americans, owning a car is mandatory to everyday life. Use your business knowledge to help keep all those cars safe to drive. Most automotive franchises focus on maintenance—think tire replacement and glass repair—not selling the cars themselves.


Whether you want to run a daycare for children or a senior living facility, you have plenty of franchising options. Dozens of existing businesses care deeply about the well-being of kids and seniors. Busy parents with kids will appreciate a convenient daycare with an established reputation. And as the Baby Boomer generation grows older, top-quality senior care will be in higher demand.

Want to start a business? Consider partnering with an existing name to boost your reputation. Both you and the franchisor will benefit from expanding that name and creating a new location in a location that needs it. Look at the most popular franchised industries and think about which one will use your skills most effectively.