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This week, Pango Financial President Candice Caruso attended the 2017 Economic Forecast hosted by the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship (CEEE) at the University of Delaware Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics. Caruso sits on the board of the Delaware Council for Economic Education (DCEE), a support organization that provides professional learning resources and programs to educators throughout Delaware to teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship for K-12 students. The event featured notable speakers in the business and finance community and served as the conferral ceremony for CEEE’s James B. O’Neill Award, recognizing an outstanding individual in economic education.   The first featured speaker was Jeffrey M. Lacker, chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Lacker emphasized the need to raise interest rates more aggressively, as he feels the economy is strong enough to withstand the increase. Such an increase would stimulate bond and fixed-income investments and the status of interest rates is a space for informed consumers and businesspeople to watch in the coming quarters.   CNBC contributor Michael Farr spoke next about the growing market confidence in the American economy and the dollar. Farr raised concerns about the negative effect of inequality on the growth of the economy and the increasingly important need to restructure Social Security to deal with the aging U.S. population.   The speeches concluded with J.J. Johnson, EVP of Government Relations and Public Policy at Fidelity Investments. Johnson highlighted the advantages of strategic and focused regulation that does not hamper financial institutions from serving small businesses. He also mentioned the impact of the fiduciary regulations expected to face delay and review by the Trump Administration. Johnson ended on a bipartisan note, emphasizing the need for cross-party cooperation by politicians to stimulate the economy.   Pango Financial is proud to support the CEEE. Events like the 2017 Economic Forecast and the continuing educational work by CEEE are crucial to making economic policy more accessible to the people it impacts, like our valued clients and partners.   To learn more about the Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship or to support its mission, visit their website.]]>