Post-pandemic hiring tips for small businesses

woman in work setting holding binder and wearing a mask

Lockdowns. Social distancing. Fever checks. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). At some point, the pandemic of 2020 will move on; in some locations it already has eased. As the economy recovers, small business owners will begin addressing how, when, and in what form to re-start. Maybe you’ve already started down that road.…

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Get to Know your Target Market(s)

chalk written out asking who's your audience with chalk

You already know your products and services, but how well do you know your customers and prospects? Marketers have a name for them: your target(s). They’re the people you sell to—or plan to. They’re the people you think about first when designing your offers, your marketing and advertising campaigns, your entire business, really. So it…

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